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How to Make

How to Make a Cup

Step 1️⃣: Put about 2g-3g of our loose leaf tea in one of our infusers! HEADS UP➡️(We provide you with a FREE infuser when you purchase our tea)


Step 2️⃣: Boil a cup (8oz) of hot water, then put our infuser with loose leaf tea inside the cup of water🫖

(Let steep for 5 minutes)


Step 3️⃣: Once tea is done steeping, remove infuser and put .9oz (1.8 tablespoons) of our 🍍Pineapple Sweet Tea Sugar in the cup and stir 20 times inside hot tea.


FINALLY!!! Enjoy it hot or over ice☀️


How to Make a Gallon


-Bring 1.8L of water to a boil.

-Pour boiling water into gallon pitcher.

-Put entire 21g of Local Boiz Mix Tea into gallon pitcher; steep for 5 minutes.

-Use strainer to remove the leaves from the hot tea in pitcher.

-Add 11oz of our shuggah into gallon pitcher with hot tea.

-Stir our shuggah and tea until shuggah is liquified in tea.

-Add 2 more quarts of water (or fill to 4qt line with ice if you want cold right away) to gallon pitcher and stir.

-WALLAH! A gallon of Local Boiz Sweet Tea!

“Mana” in Hawaiian is the spiritual life force that lives inside every person, place and thing. Our Mana fuels us. It helps us connect with others and that makes us feel whole. We want to spread Mana throughout Hawai’i, the mainland and everywhere in-between.


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